AUGUST 12, 2017

Concert Location: Morocco Shrine Grounds

3800 St. Johns Bluff Road, S

Jacksonville, FL 32245

Gates open @4pm | Show starts @6pm


The 80’s are considered as a time that is back in tha day now but it seems that everything old is new again. With the recycling of so many TV Shows such as Full House, now Fuller House, and Reading Rainbow, the decade is making a comeback in its own way.

Still putting Flint on the map is a well-known group from a city slightly north of Motown. Ready for the World is alive and kickin. If you found yourself singing Oh Sheila after reading the headlines, looking it up on iTunes or Spotify, or googling it now if you’re just too young to remember, it’s the song that took this group international.

A few weeks ago we got to hang out at Detroit’s Chene Park, with original members Melvin Riley, Willie Triplett (yes, he’s family), Gerald Valentine and John Eaton. They were getting ready for a summer concert that included 13 of their greatest hits such as Love You Down, Tonight and My Girly.

The aforementioned group members, now in their 50’s, with over 30 years in the business, have stayed away from controversy and scandal. These good men have raised families, nurtured businesses, mentored aspiring artists and maintained a presence with their fanS.

The group will be joining Morris Day And The time, TROOP, and others on August 12, 2017 at the Morocco Shrine Grounds at 6pm.  Tickets available at



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